The Deal Room

ATTENTION! We Are Currently Building out the Deal Room!

What is The 

Deal Room?

This is where we will bring our real-life deals and you will have the opportunity to partner with us to earn passive income.

Instead of just reading about HOW to invest, we'll actually be giving you the opportunity to partner with us and other real estate professionals around the country.


PLUS... It's entirely passive. No dealing with tenants, toilets, telephone calls, and hastles.

  • Get an Opportunity to Invest in the same deals as me.

  • Exclusive education and webinars.

  • Put Your Money to Work by investing passively in real estate.

  • No Obligation and no fees to join.

Apply for Early Access! Absolutely no Obligations.


Eric Bowlin - Founder

Amazon best selling author, investor, writer, mentor, and founder of


Eric bought his first triplex in 2009 and now has over 480 units of rental property. He achieved financial independence at the age of 30 and now focuses on helping other achieve the same freedom through education and investment opportunities.


Eric now spends his time traveling the world, split between living in the Caribbean, and playing with his two children. 2021. All rights reserved.